Welcome to my Ladies Parlour Gallery.  These combs are wonderful examples of the Art Deco Period and the Art Noveau Period with some Victorian & Edwardian thrown in for good measure.  I hope my special customers, collectors and just browsers will enjoy this page.

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Vintage Celluloid Hair Comb With Green & Blue Rhinestones
Vintage Black Overlay Celluloid Hair Comb with Green & Blue Rhinestones

Vintage Clear Celluloid Hair Comb with Blue RS Flower

Vintage 2 Prong Horn and Faceted Steel Hair Comb
Vintage Black Overlay Celluloid Art Deco Hair Comb with Blue Rhinestones
Vintage Stratton Ladies Compact with Ballet Dancers
Vintage Honey Celluloid Hair Comb with White Rhinestones and Brass Adornment
Vintage Amber Finish Celluloid Hair Comb with Multi-Color Rhinestones

Vintage Tortoiseshell Celluloid Hair Comb with Red Rhinestones 

Vintage "PinWheel" Celluloid & Blue Rhinestone Hair Comb 
Vintage Amber Lacy Celluloid Hair Comb 
6" x 4"
Condition : Excellent
Vintage Brass & Dyed Horn Hinged Hair Comb
Vintage Tortoiseshell Celluloid Hair Comb with White Rhinestones & Copper Accent

Vintage Small Horn & Rhodium Plated Hair Comb with White Rhinestones

Beautiful and unusual horn hair comb with a rhodium plated metal head (notice the lacy half moons) accented with tiny white rhinestones. This is a stunning little piece! 

Measurement: 4 3/4L” x 1W” 
Condition: Excellent 
Item #LP-3990
Price: $72.00

Vintage Amber Celluloid "Flares" Hair Comb with  White Rhinestones

Vintage Japanese Painted Bone Hair Comb
Vintage Real Tortoiseshell Hair Comb with Open Design  ( some damage) 

Vintage Tortoiseshell Celluloid Hair Comb with Bump Out Blue Rhinestone Flowers
Delicate 2 prong small hair comb with hinged star in faceted steel.  Hinge is in excellent condition and there is minimum rust on steel.  It measures about measuring about 1W" x 3 1/2L" and it is in Very good condition.

Item # LP-3500
A fabulous clear celluloid hair comb with a blue rhinestone flower with curling leaf.  The background is a spoke design This is a smaller comb measuring only 4 1/2L" x 3 1/2W" and is in excellent condition.  A real beauty!

Item # LP-2109
Vintage Black Celluloid Hair Comb with Black Rhinestones
Lovely Round Headed Black Celluloid Hair comb measuring about 6L" x 4 1/2W" in excellent condition with a lacy style and lots of flair. Adorned with black rhinestones.

Item #LP-2125
Price: $55.00
Vintage Clear Celluloid Hair Comb with Blue Rhinestones
Beautiful Openwork Clear celluloid hair comb with "Sparkling Bright Blue" rhinestones measuring about 5 1/2L' x 4"W.  This is simple and elegant and quite eyecatching.

Item #LP-3500A
Price $49.50
Vintage Amber Swirl Celluloid hair comb with a design of "flares" decorated with white rhinestones measuring about 5L" x $W" in excellent condition.  This sets in the hair dramatically.

Item # LP-3000
Price:  $45.00
Vintage Gorgeous tortoiseshell celluloid  hair comb alive with blue & green rhinestones in a rare garden gate entwined with flowers design.  This wonderful comb measures about 6 1/2L" x 4W" in excellent condition.  This is a fabulous hair comb that belongs in any collection.

Item # LP-RT0036
Price:  $110.00
This is a rare beauty!  This large hair comb made of tortoiseshell celluloid and has 2 large blue rhinestone flowers with bumped out centers.    It is pristine condition  and measures bout 7" in length and 4" in width.  

Item #LP-5056
Fabulous Honey celluloid hair comb with brass adornment and a row of bright white rhinestones across the top.  This is just beautiful!  It measures about 3 1/2LW by 2 1/4L" and the patina is gorgeous.Nice tapered shape. Excellent condition.

Item #LP-2870
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