I am always pleased to discover matching vintage vanity items, and the items are also accompanied by their original presentation box! The box contains a Stratton powder compact and a perfume atomizer. This Stratton set has extra appeal as the compact within it is a Stratton type that we do not often come across. The interior of this compact is fitted with a hinged metal ring, which allowed it to hold either loose powder or a pan of pressed powder (hence the 'Convertible' part of its title). The metalwork has a gold tone finish, and the base of the compact is embellished with a textured pattern of stars; the Stratton signature and the words 'MADE IN ENGLAND' are inscribed at the center of the star pattern. The decoration on the base provides further confirmation of the age of this set; Stratton used standard patterns on the majority of its compact bases over certain periods of time and research indicates that this particular pattern was used between the mid-1960s and early 1970s. The sides of the compact have the distinctive scallops and the lid has been attractively adorned with a gold starburst pattern on a beautiful sky blue enamel background. The lid overall shows a glossy appearance. 
Pressing the catch at the front edge of the compact reveals an interior fitted with a framed mirror; visible at the upper section of the metal frame is a UK Registered Design number (794125). The base of the compact features a powder well, and as mentioned earlier, this is fitted with an open-centered metal ring; the catch is located at the center right side. The puff has not survived to accompany this compact; it may have been the foam-backed type that Stratton used in its compacts from this period, and in our experience, that type of puff does not stand the test of time well (as the foam often shows varying degrees of age-related disintegration).  
The matching atomizer is a lovely deign of cut crystal and is refillable. Both of these items come in the original white leatherette presentation box. They do show a little discoloration of the satin but that only lends to the age of the set.

Condition: Excellent
Item #HP-3523
Price: $75.00

Vintage Stratton Compact & Perfume Atomizer In Original Case