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Vintage Tortoiseshell Celluloid “Baby” Mantilla Hair Comb 

Vintage "Rare" Dyed Horn with Frame & French Jet Hair Comb 
Vintage Small Black Overlay Celluloid Hair Comb with Red Rhinestones

Vintage Clear Celluloid and Red Rhinestones 'Painted" Hair Comb 
Vintage Imitation Goldstone Hair Comb w/Sapphire Rhinestones
Vintage Multi-Hued  Rhinestone Celluloid Hair Comb
Vintage Frosted Celluloid Hair Comb with Blue Decorative Rhinestones
Vintage Vintage Painted Celluloid Hair Stick Comb with Multi-Color Rhinestones 

Vintage Blonde Tortoiseshell & 14kt Gold Petit Pique Hair Comb 

Vintage Small Pressed Silver Dipped Flower  Hair Comb 

Vintage Tortoiseshell Celluloid Hair Comb with Blue Rhinestones


 Vintage Black Celluloid Hair Comb with Black Rhinestones
Vintage Green & Blue Rhinestones Celluloid Hair Comb
Vintage Hinged Domed Pearl & Horn Hair Comb with Dangles
Vintage Stratton "Coins" Pre-1960 Ladies Compact

Vintage Honey Celluloid Hair Comb with Purple Rhinestones 
Vintage Set of two Red Celluloid Hair Pins/Combs with White Rhinestones

Vintage Stratton Ribbon Style Goldtone Compact
GoldTone Signed Stratton "compact in hand" (pre 1960) ladies Compact with proctivie sleeve.
Size: 2 3/4" across
Condition : Very Good with Normal Wear
Item #CP2-1592
Price: $35.00
Vintage imitation goldstone hair comb with large deep sapphire rhinestones in excellent condition.  There is no greening on this  comb.  It is just perfection.  This is very elegant and graceful. 

Size:6 1/2" ( Length from top tip)  x 3 1/2"Width
Condition : Excellent (Mint)
Item #CG2-2499W
Price: $75.50.
 Vintage Blonde Horn Hair Comb with Opalines and Color Changes Pastes 
Vintage Small Tortoiseshell Celluloid Hair Comb with Aluminum and White Rhinestones

Lovely tortoiseshell Celluloid hair comb with a lacy aluminum head accented with bright white rhinestones. Beautifully polished tortoiseshell celluloid teeth and a curl on top. This is a little beauty and one of the best! 

Measurement: 5L” x 3/4W” 
Condition: Excellent 
Item #CG2-5990
Price: $100.00

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Vintage Celluloid Hair Comb with Blue Rhinestones

 Antique Hair comb with blue rhinestones and cut out detail. 
This piece is in very good condition with no cracks, repairs, or missing stones. It measures 4.5 inches wide and 5.5 inches long. The comb has a curved shape and is unsigned. 

Item # CG2-2350
Price: $55.00
Very rare signed Stratton "Coins" ladies compact with compact in hand lid.  This is in excellent condition and measures about 3" across.  

Item # CG2-1556CP
Vintage Clear Celluloid Hair Comb with Blue and Baby Blue rhinestones in a intricate design.  
Excellent condition and measures about 6"L x 6"W.

Item # CG2-2029
Price: $95.00
Intricate painted accents on a honey colored  Celluloid hair comb/stick with multi colored rhinestones and a tiny turquoise blue center stone. Most likely made during the Intricate painted accents on a honey colored  Celluloid hair comb/stick period when King Tut's Tomb was found & it was all the rage in fashion. 

Measures about 5"L.  Excellent condition.

Item # CG2-2920
Smaller size Vintage hair comb done in Black Overlay celluloid with bright red rhinestones in excellent condition.  Combs measures about 5" x 2 3/4".

Item #CG2-3500
Vintage Black & White Fancy Celluloid Hair Comb 
Description:  This exquisite hair comb is made of black White celluloid in a intricate decorated fan shape.  It has nice lacy inserts between the spokes and is a wonderful item for display also looks great worn at the nape of the neck. Definitely one of a kind.

Measurement:  6L" x 6W"

Condition:  Excellent 
Item #: CG2-4014 
Price : $95.00

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Pretty little spoke design with curved ends black celluloid hair comb. Each spoke is studded with black rhinestones for a understated look than is very elegant and sparkly at the same time. This small comb is very wearable today and is in excellent condition with no stones missing and all are original and bright. It measures about 4 ½” in length and 4” in width.

Item #CG2-500


Excellent Set of Two Vintage  Red Celluloid Hair Pins/Combs with White Rhinestones. These are set with a double row of white rhinestones along the top and look wonderful in hair styles today.  They measure 3 1/2"L and 1"W.  

Item #CG2-1451

Price: $25.00

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